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Somatic Healing and Womb Embodiment
that transforms how you relate to yourself, others and your creations


The body is a powerful portal that allows us deeper access into our inner world.

Each session is structured intuitively and draws from Elizabeth's experiences studying and practicing Feminine alchemy, womb healing, embodiment practices, advanced yoga therapy, birth doula training, and intuitive plant medicine to create a completely personalized experience for you.

▽ Cultivate deeper self-awareness, self-trust, and self-compassion, and see how the inner work radically transforms your outer world.

▽ Connect with your feminine ways of knowing - subtle intuitive listening to the wisdom of the body and the heart.

▽ Learn about and align with the cycles of your unique creative process to intentionally design a life full of abundanceease, and joy.

▽ Experience quantum leaps of growth that will bring more harmony, connection and love into your relationship with self and others

You will walk away from sessions with tangible ways to incorporate what we cover, as well as homework assignments and/or journal reflections to deepen the work.


I combine feminine embodiment practices and yoga therapy with a holistic coaching style, all rooted in the belief that
you are whole, exactly as you are.
The tools, practices, and work we do together serve as pathways to your own deep healing, which then open the doors to completely life-changing transformation.


The body is a powerful portal that allows us deeper access into our inner world.

What is going on internally is what is manifested externally.


If you want to change something about your external reality, the place to begin is within.


When you return to the root of self, remember your truth and reclaim your inner power, you can rise up confidently, limitless, and able to manifest the life you truly want.


Together, we work with elements of physical body - such as movement, sensations, and breath - to get calm, connected, and centered in the present moment.


From that space, you are able to go deeper to access your emotional body and energetic body, which hold valuable information for your healing and transformation.

This is where the true magic happens.



This process supports you to:


▽ Release things no longer serving in a much faster and more potent way than only talking things out or doing mindset work

▽ Access the subtle energy that is within you so that you can utilize it in your life and business in a way that is aligned and allows you to make quantum leaps that feel effortless and fun.

Ready to dive deeper?

Get in touch about 1:1 sessions.

Starts at a min. 3-month commitment

When I went to Liz I felt like my head was in the clouds and after being with her, I see and feel so clearly.


For anyone that is considering working with Liz, I say absolutely go for it. I love the spiritual aspect that Liz brings to coaching sessions. I loved her connections she would make to women's bodies, the moon, and astrology. I felt so supported throughout the entire process and I can say that Liz got me through what I came to her to accomplish. I was confused and she helped me trust in my own intuitions and gut feeling.

- Aimee B., New Orleans

Mother and Executive Director of NOWFE


Thanks to Liz and her guidance, I was reminded that sometimes it’s so nice to luxuriate in the slowness, appreciate it for the gift that it is, and not feel like I need to be doing something. I was inspired to go on my yoga mat and I did what felt right to my body and it was just so good to go back to the basics, moving how I wanted to, not worrying if it was the perfect workout, and not being too hard on myself. 


It was perfect.

- Sarah S., Chicago, IL 

Osteopathic medicine student

Liz has so much compassion and dedication towards her clients and work. What I really appreciated was her very calming aura that helped me feel at ease throughout the entire session. Before our session, I didn’t know what to do with a ‘problem’ that was stuck in my head, and she helped me see a new perspective to take.  I loved that she began our session with a guided meditation, which helped me feel calm and be aware of my surroundings.

- Sarah S., Malaysia


This may be a good fit if... would like to be more open to living in the question, trusting that the answer will reveal itself in perfect timing hold a deep curiosity about your self, your relationships and the nature of the Universe recognize the importance of creating harmony and balance in your life and relationships - yin and yang, feminine and masculine, resting and acting are ready to take a deep dive into your own patterns of thoughts and behaviors and how they may be limiting you are ready to take ownership for your own story - and rewrite it so that it is serving your highest good desire to reconnect with the voice of your true essence and reclaim your inner authority long to be in flow with the cycles of both your true nature and Mother Nature envision a life that supports all of your needs - financial, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual desire to belong deeply to yourself and in your relationships with others

Are you ready?
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