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Sanctuary for the Feminine Soul Podcast

with Elizabeth Tracy

A sanctuary of ancient women's wisdom for healing and transformation, at the personal and collective level. ⁣⁣


Led by host and transformation facilitator Elizabeth Tracy, this space brings you themes related to living deeply connected to the Divine Feminine, accessing your creative power, embodying inner wisdom, and birthing the new paradigm. 


Come drink from the wellspring to receive soul activations, practical and potent tools, heart-centered guidance, and a deep remembering of the truth within you.⁣⁣


It is time to embody your most expansive, authentic, empowered self.


Welcome home.⁣⁣

EP01: What is Sanctuary for the Feminine Soul and how can it support you?

In this first episode of Sanctuary for the Feminine Soul, your host, Elizabeth Tracy, introduces the soul of and intention for the podcast, as well as how it can support you in your unique life journey.

Elizabeth is a Doula for the Soul, an intuitive guide, and a teacher who is deeply committed about supporting women to reconnect with their inner wisdom, embody their potent Feminine energy, and discover the truth deep within them so they can allow their most expansive, empowered self to shine and truly embody who they came to this world to be.

In this episode, Elizabeth covers the significance behind the title, what you can expect from the energy of this space, how her style of teaching and transmitting wisdom is unique, and why community and sacred connection are so necessary right now. She also lays the foundation for our understanding of the Feminine and how it can support each of us on our path to truth, liberation, and deep soul alignment.

Love for SFS Podcast

-Karen D., California


-Stephanie S., Brazil


-Becky B., Colombia

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