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Welcome, Beautiful Woman


My name is Liz and I am devoted to helping edgy, radical women just like you remember the wisdom and power within their wombs and live fully expressed as their most wild, alive and authentic selves.

I believe you found your way here because you are on the cusp of stepping into something big.

You are being invited into a sacred womb initiation.

A call to deepen, remember, and reclaim all of you.

A journey through the forgotten ways of the Feminine through which you will emerge more rooted, alive and connected than ever before.

I, too, once stood where you are now.

Led by the nudge telling me there was more, but not really sure how to get there.

I was initiated into the relationship I now have with my womb by way of chronic pain and dis-ease.

I spent years feeling disconnected and frustrated, looking for answers from a medical system that told me “that’s just how my body was” and I’d be resigned to a life of prescriptions.

Something inside me said there must be another way.
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It all culminated one dark night in December 2020 when I awoke with dread, sensing that the familiar pain that had plagued me so many times before was creeping back.


Sitting on the bathroom floor alone, with no one to turn to and no medications to numb the pain, I did the only thing I could think of — I went into the pain.


I felt my body soften as I began to breathe with the sensations and let them show me the way out. The fear began to dissolve and something powerful awoke within me.


I suddenly realized that all of my pain had dissipated.


It felt like I had cracked a code my body had been trying to communicate with me for years.

The answer to my pain was not found in a doctor’s office or through another prescription. It was found by going deeper into myself.

Then and there I reclaimed my power and set myself free after years of feeling like something about my body was inherently 'broken'.

I see now that the pain was my own personal doorway into healing, inviting me into deeper relationship with my womb and myself.

I began to work with my womb as an ally, trusting ever more deeply in my own inner guidance and medicine.

I started to practice my own self bodywork and internal pelvic massage and eventually decided to become certified in Integrative Pelvic Health and Holistic Somatic Healing for Women.

Massive shifts unfolded - both inside and out.

I began to walk and use my voice differently, more rooted and confident, and receiving comments like "wow, you're glowing!"

Through my womb, I met my true, authentic essence.

I learned to trust my body and her wisdom. I gave myself permission to step into the wild, free and alive expression that I was always meant to embody.

Finally, I was Home.

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And it all became very clear.

I had been initiated into my own womb journey because I was being called to support other women to come back to their own womb spaces and full expressions of radiance, too.

To be a steward of the greater vision of true feminine liberation...   

Where every woman and every womb feels free, nourished and wildly alive in the fullest expression of their being-ness.

Now, I walk alongside women as a guide and midwife of the feminine soul, supporting them through their own rebirths, helping them to navigate their inner realms with clarity and step into the richer and fuller existence available for them.

My work carries women through a portal of remembrance, where they reclaim the sacredness within them, their wombs, and their magnificent Feminine spirit.

I believe that every woman deserves to experience the richness, pleasure, joy and connection that comes from having a loving relationship with her womb.​

Welcome to the Womb Revolution.

Your Rebirth begins here.

I am here as your midwife and guide as you embark on this sacred, magical journey of the womb and Self.

Your womb and my womb led us to this very moment.

Trust the voice that tells you there is more.

And find out what it means to be Wildly Rooted.


What is Integrative Pelvic Health?

As one of the core modalities that I am trained in, IPH forms the basis of how we work with the pelvis in my 1:1 containers. It offers a pathway into deepening our understanding of and relationship to our bodies and ourselves — through a variety of practices that support in connecting with physical structures in the body, especially the pelvis, and awakening new sensation and experiences there, as well as connecting with our inner world and emotional selves - bringing a sense of deep healing, empowerment from within and an awakening of new parts of self. 


IPH differs from other modalities that may focus on womb healing or connecting with the pelvis in a couple of ways. 


Some modalities may focus on stretching the pelvic area, such as hip-openers in yoga, but these mainly target the outside areas of the pelvis and hips. With IPH and the work I do, we actually focus directly within the pelvic space - working with the bones and the different layers of the pelvic floor. This approach is what brings not only so much healing to the pelvic space, because we are increasing circulation and life force energy, but it also entirely opens up our somatic awareness of the space.


The unique element about this modality is that it addresses the pelvis in a physical way, through the exercises, as well as the emotional, energetic and spiritual components associated with our pelvis and womb. One way we access this in the sessions is through a Guided Shamanic Womb Journey — where you are guided to become deeply relaxed and are taken on an inner journey in a lucid dream-like state. This brings you into connection with your subconscious mind, allowing you to release things that are no longer serving, tap into your inner wisdom and creativity, and shift things within your inner emotional world that ripple out into your waking life. They can offer deep healing on an emotional level that sometimes we didn’t even realize that we needed.

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Ready to experience this work?

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