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Elizabeth is your guide and mentor on your unique path of sacred initiation into your womb and to awakening the sacred Feminine gifts within you.

She is the midwife to your personal rebirth.

Hey, I'm Elizabeth.

My life's passion has always been holistic women’s health, feminine empowerment, pregnancy and birth, and womb work.


Over the years, this work has called me deeply - through my studies about women’s health while getting my Masters in Public Health, working on cervical cancer research in Latin America, training as a birth doula, and supporting women as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist to come into deeper embodiment and wellbeing in body, mind, and soul.


I am also a certified Integrative Pelvic Health practitioner, which is a modality that combines guided pelvic exercises and inner healing journeys to support women to connect with the pelvic space in both a physical and energetic way.


I have seen how empowering it is for clients to not only learn about the anatomy of their own pelvic space and awaken new sensations here, but also have subtler, energetic experiences that actually lead to them awakening and accessing new layers of self.

How Integrative Pelvic Health can support you

The deeper I go into this work the more I see just how necessary it is for us as women to have spaces and resources that can help us cultivate an empowering connection to our bodies and, in particular, our pelvic spaces. 


Being deeply connected to ourselves allows us to access inner knowing that can support us in living with more ease and joy, feel a greater sense of agency within our bodies and the life we want to create for ourselves, and experience more fulfilling and harmonious relationships that stem from a sense of inherent self-worth.


Embodiment - a state of deep presence and connection with our bodies and what is true for us in the current moment - is a deeply feminine way of BEing.


Embodiment is how we move into a more balanced, loving, sustainable world.  


We need more women embodying the wisdom and power within their bodies and pelvic spaces. This is the path to the brighter future ahead, for all of us.


I am so passionate about this work because I see just how life-changing and world-changing it is.


You were MEANT to live a life full of abundance, joy, connection, love, and pleasure.
It's your birthright to feel nourished and empowered in your body and your womb space.
Begin your journey today.
Client Love

"Liz seemed to read my mind today. She reminded me, quietly, that the wandering mind that goes to the past or the wondering mind that goes to future is not where I need to be now.


Come back to the present and focus on the breath. Her soothing voice reminds me to let go of the thoughts. Be present."

Katherine T., Clinical Researcher, US

"The days I get to practice with Liz are always my favorite. I maintain a feeling of peace and presence for hours after class is over.

She reminds me every session that the tranquility I feel after practice is always within me and I am able to come back to it anytime."

Taylor F., News Producer, US

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