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Ceremony for Your Bleed Time


Welcome, beautiful woman. This ceremony is an invitation inwards. An invitation to move slowly and spaciously. Rather than aiming to ‘complete’ this experience or get anything specific out of it, I invite you to see how much you can allow yourself to be guided intuitively and move from moment to moment in presence with your womb. Your womb blood and sacred bleed time have so much wisdom, power and magic to offer you. My hope is that this ceremony brings you into deeper communion with the physical and energetic space of your womb, so that you may be able to hear the messages she wants to share with you. Thank you for listening to the call and for venturing deeper into your own journey through this ceremony. You being here is a gift for yourself, as well as a gift for your community and all of the spaces you show up in. It is a gift for your fellow sisters, for your daughters, your mothers, grandmothers and beyond. It is a gift to the Earth and to the wild Feminine that pulses in all of us. I am so excited to dive in with you. In deep gratitude and reverence for your womb ~ Elizabeth


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