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WombFULLY Held


A 4 week group journey to deepen your relationship with your womb and nourish the space physically and energetically. INCLUDES: - At least 1 practice each week - including somatic womb exercises (that will bring greater circulation and nourishment to the space and awaken new sensations!), and a guided shamanic womb journey, which is where we will bridge body + psyche, guiding you gently into the imaginal realms to feel deep parts of yourself coming home within, uncover the great well of wisdom in you, and awaken a sacred remembrance within your womb - 2 live community calls - Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony (times will be determined based on group availability) - Telegram group chat to share your reflections, connect with the other women, and receive mentorship from me - 1 *bonus* live call middway through the journey to check-in, ask questions and share experience - Check-in messages from me throughout the week with invitations for deeper reflection and ways to integrate your experience into the rest of your life All materials and call recordings will be yours to keep. If you spend these 4 weeks showing up in devotion to connection with your womb... you will walk away with your relationship with this space, with your body and with your entire self... transformed. You'll experience not only an increase in physical vitality and sensation in your pelvic space, but also an energetic renewal, aliveness, and awakening of your own inner wisdom & power.



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