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Client Love

Clients share their experiences working with Liz

Are you ready to experience a session or class firsthand?


Felicia T.

Yoga has always seemed so challenging to me. I dabbled with it here and there and didn't think it would ever work for me because I was not flexible, not strong, and just could not seem to take myself seriously in group glasses. I saw the opportunity for a virtual one on one class with Liz on a friends social media account and something just spoke to me to reach out to Liz. Wow am I glad I did. Through Liz I have fallen in love with the practice of yoga. Immediately I felt so welcomed by her warm heart. Have you ever been able to just feel someones aura. You just felt comfortable as soon as you were in their presence. This is how I felt with Liz and it was through a computer screen. We discussed my history with yoga and my goals. My goals including working on flexibility, balance, and strength as well as a few poses I would like to master in the long term. After the first class my mind was already made up that I was committing to this journey with Liz. I cannot really put into words how I feel after each class with Liz but I will try. I feel revived, rejuvenated, stronger, better, and free. Liz does not only help you with your physical goals, but she has this unique ability to treat you as a whole individual in mind and spirit throughout her practice. She continues to remind you throughout your practice to soften your mind, return to your breath, relax while working out. What a strange concept right? To relax while working out. I did not even think that was possible. Some days I came to my mat thinking I dont know about today, but throughout my class I was transformed. I have a new sense of self and energy after each class. Liz helps awaken my body to things I did not know were possible, awaken my mind to dreams and goals I did not think I could achieve, and return our focus to be thankful for all we have achieved.  She focuses on the positive and thanking our body for what it was able to do for us rather than on what it cannot do yet. We have check ins to make sure we are aligning with my intentions, and moving towards those goals. Liz will even ask what she can do to differently to help me on my journey. If you get the opportunity to work with Liz I hope you take advantage, because it has been an experience that has changed my life in so many ways for the better. This is a journey I plan to continue to take for a very long time if not for the rest of my life. Sorry Liz but you are stuck with me.

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