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Unlock the creative power of your Feminine energy to uncover the truth within

and live your purpose with authentic confidence, ease, and flow

You have the power to create ANYTHING that your heart desires.

Are you READY to bring your visions and dreams into form...

but feel like you're keep get 'stuck' trying to figure out the how, or lost in the process of following how people are telling you should do things?

In order to create in a way that is not only true to who you are, but is also sustainable long-term...


Before doing anything else you need to start by laying a foundation that feels solid, secure, and grounded in who YOU are and what you came here to do!


In Embodied Creatrix, you will establish that foundation.



First you will uncover the truth within you, remember your power and let go of anything no longer serving you.

Then, you will learn how to embody this inner truth, so that you can show up authentically, confidently, and in alignment no matter what.

Finally, you will step into the potent creative force within you and learn how to work with your energy so that you can manifest all of your creations with ease, flow, and abundance


This 4-month journey is an immersive and highly personalized experience that will transform your life and your relationship with self, and be the energetic springboard for everything you will ever create.

Why now?

The creative process is always asking us to stretch, grow, and transform.

When you begin to create and then share those creations, it naturally brings up new feelings, doubts or anxieties.


It takes courage to put your heart and soul into something and then share it with the world.


If your vision is to create something that will support others - a business, a book, a project - and do it in a way that also feels really good for you...


Then the best thing you can do is create and build from a place of alignment, overflow, and authenticity.

This is truly the secret to attracting all the right people that you want to support and magnetizing abundance to you and your creation.

Together, we will explore and reprogram limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you, so that you are guided through the creative process by your highest self rather than your subconscious programming.


You will learn to trust your intuition no matter what, tap into your true limitless potential, and experience quantum leaps of expansion and activation.

Embodied Creatrix gives you the experience and tools to feel deeply centered, empowered, and overflowing with abundant energy so that you can show up to what you want to create with a full cup.

(rather than showing up from a place of 'should', anxiety, or feeling burnt out)

How it works

I have combine a mindfulness-based coaching and mentorship style with guided movement and embodiment practices.



The body is a powerful portal that allows us deeper access into our inner world.

What is going on internally is what is manifested externally.

When you are intentionally creating something new, it is vital to feel that you are doing so from a secure, centered, and clear inner space so that what you can manifest what it is you truly want.

Together, we work with elements of physical body - such as movement, sensations, and breath - to get calm, connected, and centered in the present moment.


From that space, you are able to go deeper to access your emotional body and energetic body, which hold valuable information for your healing and transformation.


This process supports you to:

  • Release things no longer serving in a much faster and more potent way than only talking things out or doing mindset work

  • Access the subtle energy that is within you so that you can utilize it in your life and business in a way that is aligned and allows you to make quantum leaps that feel effortless and fun.


A container dedicated to the growth of you and your creations, where we go deep into the following themes:


- Connect with inner truth

- Build self-trust

- Feel secure and grounded in all areas of life

- Stay connected to your center no. matter. what. ​

You will also ​receive an energy blueprint reading and strategy on how to align with your unique energy signature so you can experience more flow and confidence​



- Connect with the innate creative Feminine power within and apply it specifically to what you want to create

- Learn about and embody Feminine energy principles - such as the art of receiving, utilizing your cycles, tapping into pleasure in everyday life, and feeling more ease through times of uncertainty and change




- Feel confident to speak your truth and be visible with what you are creating

- Navigate feelings of vulnerability, shame, or anxiety that come with being more visible

- Show up authentically and fully aligned with who you are

- Unlock your full potential to share your magical creations with the world in a way that feels good to you




- Feel deeply connected to the soul of your creation so that you can continue to create and build in a way that feels sustainable and joyful

- Understand your soul's greater purpose and embody it day-to-day

- Show up in all of your relationships with healthy boundaries and completely, authentically you

The above themes make up a cycle of creation and growth that you can continue to use again and again as you reach new thresholds of your business or creative projects.

All of the materials in Embodied Creatrix are yours to keep forever.

What do you receive?

  • 16 x 90 minute session, with recording available afterwards. All of these sessions will incorporate some kind of embodiment element, such as movement, meditation, or a grounding practice (to be determined intuitively together each week) (value $3555)

  • 16 x post-session summary emails for deeper reflection an integration on your own (value $555)

  • 1 x energy blueprint reading to understand exactly what your soul came here to do and how you can best utilize your energy (value $222)

  • Pre-program materials to get you energetically prepared for our time together (value $444)

  • Program materials, such as meditations, embodiment practices and journal prompts to integrate that week’s theme into your day-to-day life (value $888)

  • Full access to support from me via email or messaging. Begins from the pre-program start date until the last session (can be up to 24 weeks in total). (value $2222)

  • 1 x 90-min bonus follow-up call. Happens 2-4 weeks after the last week in the program. (value $222)

Value of $8,108


Total investment is $4444


Payment plans available.


Ready to say YES?


Get in touch with me here for next steps.

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