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Through reclaiming all the parts of yourself that have been hidden away you can arrive whole within your full self.

You can move through the world deeply rooted in your Self - steady, confident and trusting in yourself and all of life.

You can live in a deep sense of aliveness and feel that you truly belong in your body and on this Earth.

You have always had the power deep within you.

Give yourself permission to take up space, create a movement, shake things up.

WAny shame you may have once felt about your body, sensuality or sexuality is now replaced with deep connection, appreciation and celebration of these aspects of you


WNo matter what happens in life, you feel in flow with all of it, trusting in the great unfolding and knowing that you belong, no matter what


WYou feel so safe within yourself that you move through the world unshakably rooted and free to be the fullest expression of you in all situations


WYou feel a child-like freedom and playfulness come alive within you, causing your experiences and relationships with others feel lighter and more heart-centered

WYou experience more frequent orgasms without ever feeling like you need to “go after them”


WYou use your voice in new and powerful ways as you finally say the things you always used to keep within


WYou receive comments from complete strangers who tell you “wow, you are glowing!’


WYour sexual experiences leave you filled up with such satisfaction and bliss that the goodness spills out into the rest of your life, adding a sparkle to your day


WYou have more energy and inspiration to create things that absolutely light you up


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