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Wildly   Rooted


Sacred Weekend Getaway


Be immersed in sacred connection with yourself, your body and the Earth as you deepen the roots of your being and awaken the wildness within.

Root into your wild, most alive expression of self.

Held on sacred ancestral land amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes, we gather in a deeply healing and restorative space to

 retreat, reconnect and remember.

Together, we will move, breathe, play, explore, descend,

and rise up to emerge... Wildly Rooted.

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You are being invited to...

...retreat from the day-to-day and arrive into a deep state of connection, healing and remembrance completely held and taken care of in a full-body immersion that will enliven your Feminine spirit and regenerate your creative energy from within


...connect with and awaken the physical and energetic spaces of your womb, heart and voice

...relax into practices that will guide you into profound experiences of freedom, pleasure, connection from the inside out 

What makes this experience so unique

This journey is a sacred descent into deeper connection with the physical spaces in your own body, where you will commune with parts of yourself that are longing to be remembered and embodied.

Everything we do together is based in a tangible understanding of your unique female anatomy. We work directly with the physical structures through gentle, evidence-based bodywork practices that will support you in building a powerful somatic awareness and engage theses spaces in new ways so as to invite in more circulation and promote the body’s natural healing abilities.


By bringing in new awareness and new movement patterns, we can experience new kinds of sensations, as well as a sense of freedom and renewed vitality in these spaces.


Working with physical structures of the body that oftentimes remain hidden in everyday awareness gives us a tangible pathway to access subtler dimensions of Self and experience deep emotional healing and energetic shifts.

Through this experience, we not only begin to liberate and bring new life force to the physical structures, but we begin to heal, liberate and awaken new parts of ourselves that have either been dormant or we’ve been disconnected from.

From this place of deep rootedness in our Self, we rise up and out into greater experiences of radiance, pleasure, creativity, confidence and connection, with ourselves and with others.

The practices that will support us on this journey are:

Womb Embodiment

Connect with your womb in a tangible way, so that you inhabit the physical and energetic space in a grounded and nourishing way, accessing all the life force energy, wisdom and power available to you there.

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Holistic Somatic Healing Practices

Bodywork practices based on 40+ of research on anatomy, designed to support the natural function, health and vitality of your female body.

Intuitive Movement

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A liberating, embodied movement practice in which you learn how to attune to your inner bodily awareness and guidance, and let your body lead the way through free expression and non-linear movement.

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Shamanic Inner Journeys

You are guided through body-based meditative experience and into a deeply relaxed, dreamlike state in which you can begin to work with and heal through the subconscious mind. Through these journeys you can experience emotional healing, energetic clearing, or tapping into parts of yourself that you may have been disconnected from, such as intuitive gifts, inner wisdom, creativity or aspects of your Feminine essence.

Meet the space that will hold and nourish us as we embark on this journey together...


Where luxury meets nature.

A gorgeous eco-lodge tucked away in the mountains

outside of Barbosa, Colombia.

Offering awe-inspiring views, a deeply restorative and peaceful atmosphere, and luxurious amenities that make you feel like an absolute queen, all while being completely immersed in nature.

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 3.32.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 3_edited.jpg

Description from Ancestral Glamping site:

"We are located on a 'vereda' that continues to honor the ancestors of this territory who came before us and the sacred history they left behind. Here, every plant and every rock was placed in a precise and intentional way, with your wellbeing in mind. We invite you to truly experience the magic of this place - to enjoy the beautiful weather, the animals that live in the area and the incredible mountain view that invites us to appreciate the great work of art that is nature.”

Included in your stay:

2 nights/3 days of accommodation at Ancestral Glamping


Private glamping cabin all to yourself with a queen bed, balcony, luxurious jacuzzi and breathtaking mountain views


5 nourishing meals total (Friday dinner, all meals Saturday, Sunday breakfast)

Comfortable transport from and back to Medellin included

Visit to nearby waterfalls and rivers

Welcome gift <3

Other fun surprises!

On-site massage available (not included in price)

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 3.29.16 PM.png


This is a sample itinerary and is subject to modifications

Half Circle.png


3 PM

4:30 PM

5:30 PM

7 PM

8 PM

Leave from Medellin

Arrive at Ancestral Glamping

Sunset Opening Ceremony ​​


Embodiment Session: awakening the heart space and voice & Shamanic Inner Journey


Half Circle.png
Half Circle.png

8 AM

9 AM

10 AM

12 PM

1 PM

4 PM

Gentle movement + Feminine Breathflow Practice


Pelvic Anatomy Journey & Embodiment Session: awakening the womb space

Nature exploration + integration time 

Lunch + free time

Embodiment Session: arriving at the root of you

6:30 PM


7:30 PM

Ceremony: honoring and embodying the wildness within

& Shamanic Inner Journey


8 AM

9 AM

10:30 AM

12 PM

1:30 PM

Gentle movement + Feminine Breathflow Practice

Breakfast (and pack up room)

Nature Embodiment Session + integration time

Closing Ceremony

Return to Medellin as a group


For more information about activities or photos of the individual glamping cabins, contact Liz on WhatsApp at +1 847-977-7822 or via email at

Meet your guide


Liz is a skilled womb guide & embodiment mentor who helps women come back home within themselves through their bodies and wombs.


She is devoted to helping as many women as possible to remember the power and wisdom within their womb spaces and loves supporting edgy women to live fully expressed as their most wild, alive and authentic selves.


She serves as a medicine woman and midwife to the feminine soul, guiding women through personal experiences of rebirth & transformation. 


Liz is trained as an Integrative Pelvic Health and Breathflow & Voice Rewilding practitioner, as well as a Yoga Therapist and birth doula. She is obsessed with all things womb-related, whether she is deepening her understanding of the divine intelligence of female anatomy, or helping women remember all of the magic, creativity, inner guidance and radiance that lives within this sacred portal in their bodies.


She has witnessed, within herself and her clients, how working directly with the womb is a pathway into the soul and to feeling a sense of deeply rooted wholeness and aliveness. She believes that the womb space holds the key to our own personal liberation and to a richer and fuller existence - and is devoted to helping as many women reclaim this as possible.

The world will shift, one womb, one woman at a time.

You are invited to be part of this sacred movement of returning to a deeply embodied and Feminine way of living, being and creating in the world. 

 ~ All Inclusive Price ~


(first 3 spots)

2.800.000 COP



3.300.000 COP

The exact date for this experience is being finalized and will take place either in March or April 2023.

If you are interested in attending, sign up below to get on the waitlist and Elizabeth will personally reach out to you to share more details as they are available.

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