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You're invited to...

The Embodied Feminine
Women's Circle & Embodiment Practice

Connect with and embody your Divine Feminine energy.

Ground into your intuition, open to receiving, and activate your true potency as we gather in a women's circle and engage in a powerful embodiment practice.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

10 AM Central Time / 3 PM GMT

~ 2 hours

35 USD

Image by Danka & Peter

We will...

➾ Gather virtually in a sacred women's circle

➾ Open with a brief grounding & intention-setting practice

Embodiment practice that combines yoga poses and intuitive movement flow

➾ Engage in personal & group reflection to unpack and deepen our connection to the Divine Feminine

Do you desire to...

Feel a deeper connection with yourself and your body?

Truly embody your sacred Feminine essence?

Experience more ease, softness, flow and pleasure?

Stand sovereign and empowered in your truth in all areas of your life?

~ What to expect ~

Sacred Women's Circle

Gathering in circle with other women is a potent ritual that not only connects us to one another in a shared energetic field, but it also acts as a bridge in time and space to connect us with the subtler realms.

When women gather together with the shared intention of activating their Divine Feminine energy... MAGIC HAPPENS. 

Embodiment Practice

We will experience a gentle yet powerful movement practice that will help us to connect with and embody our Divine Feminine energy.


It will incorporate elements of yoga and intuitive movement (allowing the body to move itself however it wants to in that moment).


We will interact with the Feminine energy in our bodies and through our movement. 


All ability and experience levels are truly welcome. The beauty of this practice is that it meets you exactly where you are at.

We gather... 

Saturday, May 1, 2021 

10 am - 12 pm

Central Time

via Zoom

(you will receive a link after you register)

​You will leave feeling...

  • deeper connection with your Feminine energy and how you can tap into her through your body in your day-to-day life


  • The full range of your Feminine essence being called back home within you as you reclaim what the word means to you


  • A powerful sense of belonging and connection where you can be exactly as you are, with other women, sharing in sacred, intentional community 


  • That you are an empowered, sovereign creatress of your own life and experiences

Is your soul saying YES?

Registration $35
Meet you your facilitator

Elizabeth Tracy is a teacher and coach who helps women connect to and embody their Feminine energy through yoga, intuitive movement, meditation, and mindfulness practices.


With a calm, loving presence and skilled intuitive guidance, she facilitates a space for clients to go deep within, meet their inner Divine Feminine and work with this energy within the context of their own lives.

She has witnessed - both in her clients and herself - how working with the Feminine has led to soul activating liberation, deeper connection with self and others, and more ease and joy in all areas of life.


Elizabeth firmly believes that healing and strengthening our relationship with the Feminine raises the vibration of the planet and brings more love and harmony into all of our lives. 


Do I need any past experience with yoga or embodiment practices?


Not at all!! All ability and experience levels are truly welcome. The beauty of this practice is that it meets you exactly where you are at.

What kind of space do I need to do this practice?

Connecting with the Divine Feminine within you is a sacred practice - uniting mind, body, and soul for powerful energy work. I invite you to set yourself up to receive the potency of this experience by joining us from a place that feels sacred to you. We recommend a private space, where you will feel comfortable to release and be exactly as you are. You may also choose to light a candle, burn incense, or bring crystals, flowers, or plants into the space.

Register here to join us!


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