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It is time to call all parts of you back home.

the wild too-much-ness

the inner wisdom that may not 'make sense' to others

the sovereign Queen who sits confidently in her power.

No one else is going to give you the permission you are seeking to embody these parts of yourself.

The freedom, joy, connection, and alignment that your soul seeks is YOURS.

Are you ready to say YES to it?

Feminine Embodiment personalized for you


I offer a variety of ways to support you in connecting with your wild Feminine energy to more bliss, freedom, and alignment in your life and business:


Feminine Flow yoga + movement session

Private Deep Dive session

2 hours

Alignment, embodiment, focus on one issue

Embodied Creatrix 1:1 mentorship container

(minimum of 4 months)



A body-mind-soul approach for deep healing, quantum leaps and life-changing transformation

Each session draws upon my experience in Feminine alchemy, womb healing, embodiment, yoga psychology, birth doula training, and energy healing to create a completely personalized experience for you.

Any given session may include elements such as:

  • Embodiment practices 

  • Womb healing 

  • Live and recorded meditations and visualizations

  • Breathwork

  • Energy readings and healing ​

  • Yoga psychology

  • Intuitive readings and guidance 

  • Shadow work and inner child healing

  • Human Design reading

  • Astrology Natal Chart reading


Cultivate deeper self-awareness, self-trust, and self-compassion, and see how the inner work radically transforms your outer world.

Connect with your feminine ways of knowing - subtle intuitive listening to the wisdom of the body and the heart.

Align with and utilize the cycles of the creative process to intentionally design a life full of infinite potential, ease, and joy.

Experience soul-level growth that will completely transform your relationship with self and others.

You will walk away from sessions with tangible ways to incorporate what we cover, as well as homework assignments and/or journal reflections to deepen the work.


I listen to the whole you.

I intuit what your soul is longing for. I hear the calling in your heart. I sense what is not being spoken out loud, but begging to be heard. I am an empty vessel to hold all of you and reflect back your experiences with compassion, clarity, and curious wondering.

I see the whole you.

I see the fullness of the you that is in front of me in that moment. I see the you of your past and all of the joys and pains she journeyed through to arrive where she is. I see the you of your future and all of the infinite potential that lies ahead and within. You already have all the qualities to become the version of you you always dreamed of. All that is left to do is to step forward into your wholeness.

I guide the whole you.

You are whole, just as you are. All of the messy imperfections, the disowned elements, and the unwelcome aspects are just as important as the parts of you that you celebrate. Rather than hide those parts away in the dark, we engage with them, embrace them in love and compassion, and grow from the wisdom that they have to teach you.

This may be a good fit if... are open to living in the question, trusting that the answer will reveal itself in perfect timing hold a deep curiosity about your self, your relationships and the nature of the Universe recognize the importance of creating harmony and balance in your life and relationships - yin and yang, feminine and masculine, resting and acting are ready to take a deep dive into your own patterns of thoughts and behaviors and how they may be limiting you are ready to take ownership for your own story - and rewrite it so that it is serving your highest good desire to reconnect with the voice of your true essence and reclaim your inner authority long to be in flow with the cycles of both your true nature and Mother Nature envision a life that supports all of your needs - financial, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual desire to belong deeply to yourself and in your relationships with others

Ready to go deeper?
Book a free connect call with me.

My favorite things about working with Liz are the check-ins and self-compassion reminders she sprinkles throughout our time together. Thank you Liz for supporting my practice, my life and my world.

S. Bibo

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