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A journey of arriving Home within,
through womb healing,
holistic pelvic wellness,
and feminine embodiment.

It will completely transform how you relate to yourself, others and all that you will birth.



An alchemical container that
holds the space for your deep inner exploration,
activates a remembrance within you,
and supports the vision of your highest self.

In this highly personalized experience,
you work directly with Elizabeth to connect deeply with your body and awaken your wild and sacred Feminine energy, leading to massive shifts in both your internal and external worlds.

Elizabeth is your guide through the embodied journey of self,
the doula to your personal rebirth.

She draws from her experience in womb healing, Integrative Pelvic Health, embodiment practices, yoga therapy, depth psychology, birth doula training, and Feminine alchemy practices.

Learn more about Elizabeth's background and how the modalities she uses can support you here.


1:1 sessions combine principles of somatic healing, Integrative Pelvic Health, and feminine embodiment practices

You will:

▽ Receive practices that awaken the Feminine energy within you, through movement, meditation, breath work and sound

▽ Connect with your womb space in a way that feels accessible and empowering

▽ Attune to your inner creative cycle so that you can work with the changes in your energy to feel more ease and flow in your life and in your creations

▽ Learn practices that you can use to ground yourself to feel calm and centered in challenging moments 

▽ Understand the language of your body, including your intuitive guidance, and strengthen your communication and relationship with it

▽ Define what the Feminine truly means and feels like to you, and learn how to embody this in your day-to-day life

▽ Learn practices to invite more pleasure, play, and curiosity into your life and relationships

▽ Understand what supportive boundaries really feel like and receive practices to set and strengthen your boundaries
▽ Learn practices that calm your nervous system and open your body and mind to receive what it is your heart truly desires 

▽ And so much more!

The body is the portal to Feminine awakening.

By using body-based practices in our work together,
you gain deeper access into your inner terrain, 
initiate your body's innate ability to heal,
and activate potent energy that will transform your life from the inside out.​


When I went to Liz I felt like my head was in the clouds and after being with her, I see and feel so clearly.


For anyone that is considering working with Liz, I say absolutely go for it. I love the spiritual aspect that Liz brings to coaching sessions. I loved her connections she would make to women's bodies, the moon, and astrology. I felt so supported throughout the entire process and I can say that Liz got me through what I came to her to accomplish. I was confused and she helped me trust in my own intuitions and gut feeling.

- Aimee B., New Orleans

Mother and Executive Director of NOWFE


Thanks to Liz and her guidance, I was reminded that sometimes it’s so nice to luxuriate in the slowness, appreciate it for the gift that it is, and not feel like I need to be doing something. I was inspired to go on my yoga mat and I did what felt right to my body and it was just so good to go back to the basics, moving how I wanted to, not worrying if it was the perfect workout, and not being too hard on myself. 


It was perfect.

- Sarah S., Chicago, IL 

Osteopathic medicine student

Liz has so much compassion and dedication towards her clients and work. What I really appreciated was her very calming aura that helped me feel at ease throughout the entire session. Before our session, I didn’t know what to do with a ‘problem’ that was stuck in my head, and she helped me see a new perspective to take.  I loved that she began our session with a guided meditation, which helped me feel calm and be aware of my surroundings.

- Sarah S., Malaysia

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