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When we work together 

I incorporate powerful embodiment practices that guide you into a deep listening with your body and allow you to truly embrace and love your whole self.





Private Yoga Classes

Virtual private classes in the comfort of your own home that meet you wherever you are at

This is for you if you want to:

▻ improve your relationship with your body and shed any shaming or critical dialogue between mind and body

▻ establish a consistent movement practice that supports and values not only your physical needs and goals, but also your emotional, mental, and spiritual ones

▻ learn and practice techniques to nourish and calm the nervous system (such as patterns of anxious thoughts or autonomic responses such as fight, flight or freeze)

▻ receive personalized sequences created uniquely with your history, experience, and capacities in mind

Virtual one-on-one coaching sessions that incorporate elements of yoga, psychology, mindfulness, breath work and embodiment practices

Are you seeking to...

▻ let go of the constant 'should's' and that harsh inner critic voice?

▻ shed the shame and guilt you feel for parts of yourself?

▻ reclaim the power that comes with knowing, trusting and fully embracing your whole self?

▻ to uncover your own patterns of thoughts and behaviors and how they may be limiting you?

▻ feel a sense of deep belonging in your relationship with self and in your relationships with others?

If you get the opportunity to work with Liz, I hope you take advantage because it has been an experience that has changed my life in so many ways for the better. This is a journey I plan to continue to take for a very long time if not for the rest of my life.

Felicia T.

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