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Do you ever feel like life is happening to you?

Like you are going through the motions, and things have turned out just fine up until that point, but there is a deep stirring within you that says "I know there is more to all of this" ?

I felt this way on and off for much of my life, until it all came to a head in 2018.

I had just completed my Masters in Public Health, I was living in Latin America and speaking Spanish everyday (a lifelong dream of mine), I was in a well-paying job where I could grow professionally, and I was exploring and forming my adult identity as I met people from all over the world.


Over time, though, I couldn't help but feel anxious, disconnected, and lost. It was as if the life I was experiencing was a safe placeholder that was running out the clock until my actual life began.

I became less and less okay with the idea of just fine and soon yearned for big, bright, bursting at the seams fullness. 


I had waited for so long for someone else to give me permission to just go for it.


All I needed to do though was look at the signs my body was telling me... 

Tension all over, from my jaw to my throat to my shoulders to my womb.


Eye twitches.

Recurrent and excruciatingly painful UTIs.

Utterly exhausted and always on edge.


I used medication to cover up the symptoms and saw my body as separate parts rather than one, connected whole.


Looking back, I was scared to fully listen to my body - and my whole self - because I feared the truth it would show me. I was afraid that I would need to make major life changes that would be scary and bring uncertainty.


Despite all of the uncertainty that accompanied change, I knew deep within I could no longer continue to live with the draining discontent that was growing within me.


Change is scary because it can challenge our sense of identity and create anxiety about the future.


We put off taking the leap into a life we truly desire because we 'don't feel ready.'


Eventually, we come to a point where we would rather dive into the unknown rather than continue living with the discontent we feel.


This discontent is your soul asking for you to listen and act.

It is the wisdom within that says "something is not aligned here."


Have it lead into talking about ‘becoming the creatrix of YOUR life’ 

Connecting with your Feminine energy, Feminine creative power

The wildness of the Feminine - free to BE

Connecting with a part that had not been allowed to show up, had been pushed down


Life by your design

In a way that feels good to you 

You are on your way to returning home to yourself.

I support highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive women just like you to connect with and embody their Divine Feminine energy and experience more ease, joy, abundance and love in their lives.

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Connect with your true, authentic self 

I guide you back into alignment in heart, mind, body and spirit using accessible embodiment practices, through:

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△ A unique combination of both

Liz seemed to read my mind today. She reminded me, quietly, that the wandering mind that goes to the past or the wondering mind that goes to future is not where I need to be now. Come back to the present and focus on the breath. Her soothing voice reminds me to let go of the thoughts. Be present.

Katherine T.

The days I get to practice with Liz are always my favorite. I maintain a feeling of peace and presence for hours after class is over. She reminds me every session that the tranquility I feel after practice is always within me and I am able to come back to it anytime.

Taylor F.

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